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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. we begin with breaking news in politics today. we have just learned that senator jim webb is not seeking
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re-election. and some say the move could make it harder for democrats to hold on to virginia's senate seat. former senator george allen, a republican, lost the seat to webb in 2006. and allen is running in 2012. webb says that he is planning to return to the private sector. we're going to have more on how webb's decision will shape the political landscape coming up on 9news now beginning at 5:00. and more winter weather is heading our way. we thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. spring just can't seem to come soon enough for most of us. many of us. because guess what, another storm is heading our way. our meteorologist howard joins us now with his forecast. howard? >> j.c., you're right. a storm is headed our way. we'll get a light glancing blow from this. this will be a minor event but a little snow in the forecast. we've had the clouds this morning. some breaks over the next couple of hours. plenty of clouds, then plenty of snow back toward arkansas. little rock, five to eight
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inches. some areas have had over 20. northeast arkansas, northeast oklahoma. impressive storm but it won't be impressive here. plenty cold. only 32 outside. some 20s still holding on up north. i was just out on the weather terrace, boy, it is not feeling good. cold air in place. as far as how much snow, computer is not that impressed but this happened in manassas. .8 in culpepper. southern maryland over the lower eastern shore. this is going to be fluffy snow. it could easily be half an inch to even locally an inch. lift a little bit farther north. more than an inch, i'm not seeing it or feeling it. however, even an inch of snow overnight toward tomorrow morning. most will fall between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. wake up 6:00, 7:00, it will be gone. could cause minor delays tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. mid mid-30s for a high. a chance of flurries developing. j.c., back to you. >> thank you, howard.
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returning our attention to the crisis in egypt. thousands of protestors camped out in the streets of cairo say they will not leave until president hosni mubarak leaves office. charlie d'agata reports that egypt's government is losing patience. >> reporter: protestors are refusing to fold their tents on the streets of cairo. egypt's vice president says there will be a new crackdown if demonstrators don't negotiate. he's warning a coup could take place, triggering greater chaos. >> opposition leaders are calling that a threat to imposed marshal law and are urging thousands more to join the protest. the sprawling tent city in tahrir square is getting bigger. some swept in front of tanks to prevent them from going forward into the square overnight. protestors demanding the overthrow of hosni mubarak vow they won't quit until he. does. >> we want freedom. we all here want freedom.
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this is the land of freedom. >> reporter: hundreds we've the egyptian flag on the streets of alexandria demanding an immediate end to mubarak's 30- year rule. the pro democracy movement is getting a boost from the release of google exec who is arrested after rallying supporters online. he told the crowd today, it is a time for all of us, egypt above all. demonstrators have built a shrine to honor the hundreds killed in the 16-day uprising. they're calling for another huge protest on friday, saying they've come too far to turn back now. charlie dag ca, cbs news. charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> the unrest in cairo is not deterring the maryland army national guard from its planned deployment in the spring. military officials say that guardsmen will spend a year in the region. they'll help enforce the peace treaty between egypt and israel. in iraq, a suicide bomber
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killed at least eight people in the northern town of kirkuk. no americans were injured but several cars and homes were seriously damaged by flying debris. so far, no one is claiming responsibility. violence in iraq has declined sharply. however, bombings and attacks still occur daily. a montgomery county schoolteacher will go before a judge. the first grade teach has been accused of choking and punching nine students in her first grade class. the woman's name is susan lee burke and she teaches at greencastle elementary school in silver spring. burke was put on administrative leave in january when a boy came forward and claimed that he was assaulted. after that, police say eight more students came forward. claiming they had been kicked, punched, scratched and choked. parents are upset. >> you don't expect this to happen to your kids when you're
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at work. this is ridiculous. >> if that was my child, i will be doing something -- i think legal. >> the county school system has released a statement that says we cannot discuss specific personnel issues but be assured we take these allegations very seriously. a new york man has been charged with reckless driving after his tractor trailer crashed in northern virginia. 34-year-old oscar has been charged. and according to police, the driver was coming off of i-495 on to interstate 66 westbound when his truck flipped over around 5:00 this morning. well, that crash left trash all across the road. the truck driver and his passenger suffered minor injuries. sky 9 was over the scene of a terrible accident in howard county, maryland, this morning. we're going to show you the wreckage. three people were injured in this crash along eastbound interstate 70 near route 97
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near lisbon. their conditions are not known. first responders had to use the jaws of life in order to get to the victim. police are investigating exactly how did this crash happen? a silver spring man is now in police custody after allegedly confessing to killing his wife. the woman's body was found inside an apartment on quebec street in silver spring overnight. police tell 9news now that the man called and confessed from a pay phone. around two hours after the murder. neither the victim nor the suspect's name have been released. here is a look inside the hospital room of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the arizona democrat was shot one month ago while meeting constituents in tucson. six people died. 12 others were injured. physicians at the texas rehabilitation facility say
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that the congresswoman's appetite has come back. they're optimistic that she will make enough progress to attend her husband's space launch in april. president obama is having lunch with republicans today to discuss the economy and spending. this is the first g.o.p. lunch that the president has held since republicans took control of the house last month. joel brown has more. >> reporter: these men, the most powerful republicans in the house, have a lunch date with the most powerful man in the world. they'll sit down with president obama at the white house for a discussion expected to center around where the government plans to put its money. >> without a doubt, there will be -- i think heavy discussion on the economy and on spending. >> when we go down to see the president, i'm hopeful we have a frank conversation on how we're going to create jobs and cut the spending in washington. >> reporter: the division of power here on capitol hill
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means the president has to have republican support in order to get any of his agenda items turned into law. >> they're involved in the responsibility of governing and i think an exchange of ideas on the issues we face are important. >> when the g.o.p. took control of the house last month, they tried to quickly repeal the healthcare reform law. but that effort ultimately failed. so, now house republicans are pushing a new bill that would strip every dollar of funding for the healthcare law. >> we're going to continue to look at all ways to save money on behalf of the american people. >> democrats still control the senate so they're likely to stop that proposal in its tracks. despite their differences, both sides have pledged to work together on as many things as possible. the first big test will come early next week when the president releases its budget plan for the coming year. joel brown, cbs news, washington. when the news continues, there is a shocking reminder why every driver should clear snow and ice from their vehicle. before hitting the road!
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plus... >> president obama kicks his smoking habit for good. i'm ines ferre in washington. i'll have that story coming up.
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now, commuters can only access the station through elevators. crews are working to fix this
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problem. here is another reason why clearing snow from your vehicle is important. this tractor trailer piled with snow went under an overpass and sent ice and snow everywhere. it happened yesterday outside chicago. luckily, no one was injured. however, police say this should serve as a reminder to drivers to thoroughly clean your vehicle before getting on the road. >> coming up next, howard and his forecast. >> j.c., outside again. i put the earmuffs on, the gloves, it is chilly out here. wind chills are holding in the 20s. a little sun now but increasing clouds and a little snow tonight. we'll talk about that and a warming trend in the seven-day forecast. it is all up when 9news now at noon returns.
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first lady michelle obama is on the move. she's celebrating the first anniversary of her let's move campaign! she's fighting childhood obesity in atlanta today. the first lady will visit an elementary school that's working hard to promote healthy eating and she'll also give a speech at a local church. by the way, mrs. obama says that the commander in chief has kicked the habit! mrs. obama said yesterday that
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the president actually has quit smoking. will he be able to continue being smoke-free? ines ferre has more. >> it is one decision that seems to have everybody on president obama's side. >> you know i'm a -- even though i'm a republican, go obama. >> i think it is great. >> after spending decades as a smoker, the president is no longer lighting up. his wife, michelle obama, revealed tuesday that her husband hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year. white house spokesman robert gibbs says the president was able to quit with the help of the first lady and aides who also stopped smoke. >> when someone decides to quit smoking, overcome the physical addiction that they have, they do it not just because they want to but because others want them to. >> about 46 million americans smoke and brain research has shown nicotine is powerfully addictive. three out of four smokers who try to quit relapse within six
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months. even president obama admitted in 2009 to taking the occasional puff. >> have i fallen off the wagon sometimes? yes. am i daily smoker, a constant smoker? no. i don't do it in front of my kids. i don't do it in front of my family. >> has the president really kicked the habit for good? he's got a whole country rooting for him. >> be an example. that's what the president should be even in the smallest things. >> it is hard. he's got a stressful job. good luck to him. >> it isn't clear exactly how the president quit in the first place but he has been known to chew nicotine gum. ines ferre, for cbs news, washington. >> congratulations, mr. president. take it one day at a time. >> like the weather. like the winter, the cold! >> i'm ready for the february to be over. let's move to march. >> you know what? it is only the 9th of the month. pink tie, buddy check 9. breast
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self-exams. andrea and i have been championing the program a long time. we'll get a nice break here. by the time we get to sunday, temperatures are going to get very comfortable around here. we'll tell you that. today though, they're not comfortable. they're freezing cold out there. here's what i expect into the evening with our day planner. we've got lots of clouds out there. there may be a few sunny breaks. but generally cloudy. temperatures topping off 34, 35. by 9:00, can't rule out we'll see a few flurries or even a little bit of light snow developing. by midnight, even a little bit of light snow and the keyword here is light. not snow but light snow. i think at most, we could see an inch in spots the way it is looking now. it will be a dry, fluffy inch at that. we've got the clear skies last night. temps in the teens and low 20s this morning. you could see the thinness in the overcast coming toward us but the thicker clouds in west virginia and kentucky and ohio and it is all moving in this direction. temperatures, low 30s here in
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town. andrews at 32. fredericksburg is 33. we have 28 at the naval air station in patuxent river. a chilly 25 in hagerstown but with the wind, look at the wind chills. still in the teens up north. low 20s in places like manassas. feels like 20 in southern maryland. 25 at winchester. just being outside, i was out on the weather terrace for a moment before we started the broadcast without a jacket. it was not pleasant at all. 32 degrees with cloudy skies reported at reagan national. that wind chill making it feel like 24. the air is dry though. the dryness of the air, one of the things we'll see as the moisture moves in. some will evaporate. so, that is going to cut down how much snow we could see. look at the temperatures, the arctic air down in dallas. it is 17 right now in dallas, texas. 11 tonight. 60 by friday. that's how quick the warm-up will move in. with the cold air in place, we see a tremendous snow across parts of arkansas and oklahoma. can you see the yellow banding
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right there that came out of northeastern oklahoma and arkansas. there are spots east of tulsa, northwestern arkansas, 20, 22 inches of snow. that's the exception. not the norm. locally, 10 is more of the norm. this storm is of mooing east. we've got winter storm watches and warnings up from arkansas across parts of north carolina. but for us, as you look at the future cast, the clouds increase. some snow by 6:00. light snow out in southwestern virginia. some of that gets here 9:00, 10:00. by midnight, you see d.c. points south, a little light snow. very little if anything north of town. by 3:00, some areas still dealing with light snow. by 6:00 a.m., this thing is pulling out of here. we'll look at a whole lot better by the time it gets up to tomorrow. want to show you the computer projections. we're not talking a lot. this is .2 of an inch, half an inch, maybe an inch in the areas in white. who's to say whether or not this drifts 50, 80 miles north. that seems to be about all we can expect from this.
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really not much. weatherwise, that doesn't mean you might not see a delay or two in the morning. very light snow. 34. a little snow overnight. 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. the highlight at time. 32 tomorrow. 42 on friday. saturday, still chilly then look, sunday, we're going into the 50s, near 50 again on valentine's day. we got a good thing going on in the kitchen. look at that. just ducky coming up. when 9news now at noon returns.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. have you made your reservation for valentine's day
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yet? i have an idea for you. how about a lover's spa package. the restaurant has teamed up with the spy museum and they have a lover's spy package. you can go on valentine's day, if you don't make it on valentine's day, you can go any friday and saturday during the month of february. and here with me is the executive chef brian musk tell low. he's preparing duck breasts. it smells so good. and what else? >> this is one of our dishes off of the lover spy menu we'll be featuring for this package when you come in, you go to the museum, do you this operation spy. interactive espionage event. then you come in and you have dinner, relax. this is one of your options, a seared duck breast with candied endive as well as some from foie gras gras. it starts with the candied
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endive. all we've done is taken a little bit of butter. because butter is very, very important in all of cooking. >> of course. and the endives, cut them in half. they're normally a little bit bitter. we put a little bit of bruin sugar in there and let them caramelize really nice. squeeze fresh orange juice. >> look at that. >> it makes for a great plate presentation. we start with our endive. >> ok. >> we've also taken and made these great little duck rectangles here. this is nice -- it has been shredded and formed into a rectangle. >> how do you make it? >> the duck leg cured in salt and sugar and spices and then it is braised at a low temperature so it gets nice and stays nice and tender. >> i know you've given us the recipe and it is on our web site at but why not go to 800f street and have it prepared perfectly. what's that in.
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>> this is the foie gras custard. the custard. we make it with a little bit of foie gras, cream and egg. that little bite gives you that great luxury, the foie gras is. then our duck breast has been sear and slowly roasted basted with some butter. we'll slice some slices on there. >> nice and tender. >> oh, it is beautiful duck. i don't know how familiar you are with duck. it is one my favorite meats to have. >> it looks very good. >> so good and so different. >> howard, come in. and what else do we have? >> and then we have a little bit of sweet potato puree. where this is just some sweet potatoes that have been baked then pureed in the blender with a touch of butter. >> ok. again, it is the lover's spy package. a romantic dinner and a spy museum adventure. zola's is at 800f street
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northwest. they're going to have this package for the rest of the month. fridays and saturdays. go down and -- look at that. >> that's gorgeous. >> see the chef. tell him i sent you. thank you, bryan moscatello. you should see the other sweets he brought me. i'm going to share them. >> sweetheart basket. >> come back and visit us at 5:00. try to stay warm!
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